Benefits Of Cardiovascular exercises


exercise-cardio-pdBenefits Of Cardiovascular exercises

People who are trying to lose weight must include cardio exercises in their workout regime to achieve great results. Cardio exercise helps you to maintain a great figure by burning the maximum amount of calories from your body. Cardio exercises are best for those people who cannot afford expensive exercising equipments. A few cardiovascular exercises that that can be followed to achieve maximum results include rowing, jogging, step aerobics, swimming, skipping, rock climbing, and brisk walking.

1.Beneficial for the heart.
Regular cardiovascular exercises help to improve the health of your heart. Heart is primarily composed of muscles and should be worked out to make it strong. Getting the heart pump at a rapid rate regularly, you can keep it healthy.

2.Improved metabolism.
Regular cardiovascular exercises help to improve the rate of various metabolic reactions taking place in the body. So, it enhances up the overall rate of body metabolism.

3.Helps to improve hormonal profile.
Regular cardiovascular exercises help to improve the hormonal profile of a person. As a result of the workout, feel good certain hormones are released in the body that give you a “good feel‒ condition. They also help to ease the symptoms of fatigue and depression that are a common part of today’s life.

4.Help to reduce weight.
When you engage yourself in physical activity, such as cardiovascular exercise you burn calories. This aids in loss of excessive weight in obese individuals. The more intense is the cardio activity, the more is the number of calories you burn and hence effective in weight loss. Additionally, cardio exercises help to release hormones that reduce appetite and thus, help in weight loss.

5.Enhances the energy levels.
Regular physical activity improves the working of the entire cardiovascular system i.e. enhanced circulation of blood all through the heart and the blood vessels. Thus the heart and the lungs work more effectively. Exercise also helps you to breathe easily and at a higher rate. As a result more oxygen reaches the body cells and tissues. A net result of all this is that you have more energy to perform various activities in life.

6.Exercise help to enhance sleep.
Cardiovascular exercises help to enhance sleep. Regular activity helps a person fall asleep quickly and also deepens your sleep.

7.Exercise improves stamina.
Cardio exercises not only help to reduce weight but also help in improving the overall stamina of the body. These exercises reduce fatigue and strengthen the body muscles, resulting in improved stamina.
The cardiovascular exercises you perform should not slogging and boring. Only the addition of fun element will help you to perform these exercises regularly. A dancing class, a local hiking trail or pushing your kids on swings are good cardio workouts that also help you to enjoy life. Find an activity that you enjoy, and keep doing it regularly. If you get fed up of it, try something new, and maintain good health.

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  1. Cardiovascular exercises

    March 22, 2010 11:57 pm

    These are main importance of Cardio exercise. For Cardiovascular exercise is not essential to join gym for your health. You have other options like jogging, brisk walking or simple push ups with sand bags, water bottles, etc,. Cycling is also a better option. As time goes you can increase these exercises when your stemena improves.

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