Benefits of Abortion

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Benefits of Abortion

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics today in every country. Abortion refers to the intentional termination of pregnancy after conception. This particular procedure enables many women in the world to stop their pregnancies through killing the fetus or the undeveloped embryo. The following are some of the benefits of abortion.

1. Ensures that the woman is happy

One of the privileges that every woman is entitled to is the right to be happy. A child can sometimes disrupt a woman’s quest for happiness. Even though she might decide to give the baby up for adoption, there is still the problem of carrying the fetus in the womb for nine moths. On the other hand, having an abortion can solve this particular problem and ensure the woman’s happiness.

2. Relieves the child of misery

An abortion can also be seen as relieving the child of misery that would have been inevitably suffered in the future. Usually, the mother who is looking to have the abortion is very inexperienced and young to take good care of the baby. As a result, the baby will be malnourished with no medical care while getting little love or attention. The system of foster care is not any better with only a very small percentage of children adopted by suitable parents. The rest of the children remain in this foster care system that has very little personal care.

In both cases, these children will have very poor education due to the lack of discipline and attention. They usually grow up to be unproductive people with some being a menace to the immediate society. These people are also quite violent and lack morality because of the insignificant amount of care that they received themselves. Eventually, the child suffers greatly as well as the society which has to tolerate these violent crimes and behaviors.

There are various disadvantages of abortion and one is the fact that it might damage the womb. This means that you will not be able to have children in the future. The other drawback is simply the emotional baggage that comes with such a decision.

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