Benefits Of Wobble Board

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Benefits of Wobble Board

Balance boards, commonly known as wobble board provide an exciting way of exercising despite the fact that they look like toys. They are often used by experts from doctors to physical therapists to professional athletes to school children as they offer both mental and physical benefits. A wobble board or balance board basically allows you to use strength and muscles to balance on top of a board. Listed below are common benefits of wobble board.

1. Improves balance and core strength
The physical perks of wobble board exercise target several areas. They are great for improving strength of your knees and ankles, as well as increasing balance and stability. This is a great way of preventing sports-related strains and injuries. By increasing its proprioceptive system, the body’s natural instinct is significantly increased.

2. Mental benefits
Wobble boards have been used for year in therapy sessions to help children with attention deficit disorders. Using a balance board simply forces the brain to work in union to maintain proper balance. This helps improve handwriting as well as sensory communication skills and reading, which makes it suitable for children suffering from Attention Deficit.

3. Less risk of injury
Many injuries often occur in your ankles or knees. Balance training is therefore a surefire way of preventing injuries in sports or activities that require strength and stability. During rehabilitation and physiotherapy after surgery or injury, the same benefits are seen.

4. Recreation
A balance board certainly provides an array of advantages over the Wii game console. This is because you have to rock onto the surface in order ensure the screen constantly changes to match your motions, providing interesting game play as well as physical benefits.

Although it may be tricky to balance on the board at first, you will become a pro within a few days of practice.

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