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Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone

iphone_3gsBenefits of Jailbreaking iPhone

You have your iPhone and you can use several apps that Apple provides. You can download these apps from AppStore. But, there is a hitch – all that you do on your iPhone are things that Apple wants you to do, nothing more. So, how do you go about doing all the things that you possibly can with your iPhone and without risking your iPhone or its warranty? Simple, Jailbreak, which is nothing but adding features to your iPhone. Why is jailbreaking good or necessary? To understand that, let’s look at its benefits.

1.Personalize your springboard:

This is probably one of the most important reasons that people go ahead and jailbreak their iPhones. Your standard or default iPhone background consists of a black background, and the only time your wallpaper appears on the screen is during the few milliseconds when you unlock your iPhone. Winterboard can change all this. This jailbreak application allows you to customize your springboard and download any of the thousands of themes available out there to make your iPhone reflect your own personality. It allows you to customize and personalize everything including your unlock screen sliders and keyboard.

2.Categorize your apps:

If you have been using your iPhone for some time now, you will realize that your springboard is getting quite crowded and messy with all your frequently used apps. It will be quite a tedious task browsing through all these icons to finally get to the apps that you need. The Categories app in jailbreak can help you organize your apps and help you easily find out the apps that you need quickly. It also gives you the option to categorize the apps into folders and thereby clear the mess on your springboard.

3.Backgrounder apps:

Backgrounding is a feature that is much awaited and expected by iPhone and iPod Touch users. However, Apple has been postponing including this feature in its iPhone so as to get it done perfectly. So, the only way to get it is through jailbreaking. However, you need to be careful as to the apps that you run in the background. Else, it can adversely affect the performance of your iPhone. However, this is a feature that is very useful for apps like AIM that are used for instant messaging.

4.3G connection:

Did you know that you could use your iPhone’s 3G connection on your laptop? Try it. You can easily get it done with the Modem app through jailbreaking. However, do not expect to do torrent downloads, but you can definitely get simpler work done. Many people have tethered their iPhone’s 3G connections to their laptops or computers and successfully.


Fed up with the AppStore rules? Want to get into gaming on your iPhone. No worries. Jailbreak your iPhone and there you have a whole lot of gaming options available to you. You can use the NES emulator to play all the old school games or even use the Playstation emulator and open up your iPhone to several ported games including Doom.

6.Unlocking your iPhone:

Are you looking at using carriers other than AT&T? Then, you first need to unlock your iPhone. And how do you go about that? First, ensure that you don’t update to the firmware 2.2. Next, you have to jailbreak your iPhone.

7.Fast toggling:

You have started an app that is taking a lot of time to load as well as draining your battery and you want to toggle to another app. How do you do it? Simple, use the SBSettings apps. This feature helps to toggle fast between apps by simply swiping the status bar. It also includes features that help you free memory and kill background processes.

8.Quick reply to messages:

The SMS app allows you to quickly reply to messages without having to quit your current apps. Once you have replied, the previous apps resumes automatically from the point where you had left off.

There are several such apps that you can avail such as the Camcorder, Phone loss tracking, etc. Many of these apps make jailbreaking your iPhone thoroughly beneficial. And now, if you are wondering about the risks involved, just relax. Jailbreaking is free of any risks and does not in any way void your warranty. You can simply restore your iPhone to its factory settings by using iTunes. And then, you are not the only one jailbreaking. So, go ahead, use the innumerable apps and enjoy using your iPhone without having to be bound by all the rules laid down by the AppStore.

Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone

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