What Are the Major Benefits of Bogs in Human Lives?

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What Are the Major Benefits of Bogs in Human Lives?

Bogs are types of wetlands that are characterized by fresh water from snow as well as fresh water. They provide good habitats for various species of plants and animals. Bogs act as carbon sinks and are very fertile explaining why most people reclaim these grounds and convert them to agricultural land. However, bogs have many other benefits in human lives and should be conserved as much as possible. Some of these benefits are explained below in details.

Bogs support a large number of plant and animal species

A great diversity of animal and plants species are found in bogs. Most of these species are rare and need to be preserved as much as possible. Some plants such as mosses are found in plenty in the bogs and are the most dormant in this habitat. Some of the trees that grow in the bogs have economical benefits to human life such as providing fruits. Some trees however have medicinal value and can be used in providing herbal medicine for curing several illnesses.

Bogs have preserved many historical objects and human remains

Human remains of the people that lived long time ago have been preserved for long in bogs. This archaeological information has been used by several scientists to come up with the right information concerning the earlier people. The historical objects have been taken to museums so that other people can learn about human kind history including the tools they used in their day to day lives.

Bogs have been used by meteorologists to detect climate change

Bogs are of great importance to meteorologists since they help in predicting the effects that are caused by changes in the climate. The level of water in the bogs can be used to tell whether or not the rain patterns have changed. This can also be used to advice the agriculturists on when to plant according to the weather patterns.

Bogs provide beautiful and unique landscapes that are extremely rare in the world

Bogs especially the peat bogs provide a landscape that is unique and beautiful to look at. These landscapes are rare in the world and some countries use them as tourist attraction cites. Such attraction cites are important because they bring foreign currencies to these countries and employment to several citizens of such countries. These bogs are beautiful and can provide an important view in which people can capture different photos and creative arts.

Bogs have provided fertile lands for agriculture

In places where bogs have been claimed for agricultural purposes, they provide very fertile soils that allow growth of different crops. This in return helps to raise the financial status of families relying on such places. However, this has been discouraged by governments and environmental conservation organization s as this leads to extinction of various species of organisms.

The benefits that have been discussed above are among the many benefits associated with bogs in human lives and they should be conserved if all the benefits are to be realized.

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