What Are The Benefits Of Taking Dual Language Programs In Schools?

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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Dual Language Programs In Schools?

Linguistic competence is always achieved by having better knowledge of other languages other than the native language. For this reason most schools have designed programs that ensure that the students learn more than one language at school. Dual language programs are those that allow the students to learn in two different languages. These programs are therefore very beneficial to these students, since they are able to communicate with others who don’t speak their native language. This article explains some of the benefits of taking dual language programs in schools.

Dual language programs helps to close cultural gaps

Different people have different languages and hence the cultures. By taking dual language programs, the students are able to learn other cultures other than their own. This in return brings integration among the students as they learn to respect each other’s customs and understand why they do their things differently from each other.

Dual language programs offers unifying and inclusive education

By learning a second language, the students see themselves as one big family where language is not an issue. This is because they can learn and speak their fellow`s language and even understand each other much better. These dual language programs therefore provide unifying and inclusive education to all the students in learning institutions that offer these programs.

Helps to create a positive culture in school

Having a unifying factor (language) will help the students work as a team to achieve their individual goals as well as the overall goals of the school. This in return ensures that the school maintains a positive culture of integration, team work and brotherhood. The positive culture will continue to exist so long as the dual language programs exist. This way, discriminations based on languages is kicked off permanently in the schools.

Enhances employment opportunities for the student upon completion of studies

The students that undertake the dual language programs are at a greater advantage of having employment opportunities than those who don’t take these programs. This is because they are eligible to work even in foreign countries far from their own country.

Dual language programs provides additional understanding and knowledge

It is necessary to have additional knowledge by taking dual language programs. This not only enhances their understanding but allow students to work better in class since the extra knowledge gained by studying the dual language programs opens their mind and allow them think widely.

Dual language programs makes international travels much easier

The fact that one is able to communicate effectively with other people in foreign country makes it easy to participate in international travels. This is because one does not need an interpreter to know what is going on or what he/she needs to know from people in that foreign country.

The benefits of dual language programs discussed above are among the very many benefits. That’s why the governments in different countries advocate for dual language learning in schools to enhance national integration and unity among all students.

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