Top 6 Benefits of AMOLED Screen

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In the present age where electronic devices have become our best working tools, AMOLED is a common term related to the same. AMOLED, the acronym for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, is a very modern technology used in the display screens of the most advanced electronic devices of this day. AMOLED screen has rightly marked its place in these devices due to its characteristic benefits and the resulting popularity. Some major benefits of AMOLED screen are cited below:

  1. Black portions of the display are rich dark

In case of an AMOLED display, the black portions of the displayed image are truly and totally dark since the pixels behind those portions are temporarily kept shut down and thus emitting no light. So, ‘Black’ in AMOLED screen display is not any color, rather it is the true ‘Black’ due to the absence of color or light of the respective pixels. As a result, vividly dark images can be observed without any greyish hue.

  1. Bright and colorful display

AMOLED screens offer a wider range of color gamut or available colors than LCD. This causes the display to appear much more vibrant. Moreover, AMOLED screen provides more color balance and finer color contrast compared to LCD or other displays.

  1. More efficient display

Besides providing better quality in vividness and color, the AMOLED display has other efficiencies as well. The LEDs of AMOLED screen can react faster to changes in voltage compared to the crystal molecules of the LCD. So, AMOLED display has a faster response time than LCDs, meaning that it is more compatible with fast-moving content. Therefore, an AMOLED screen is preferable to LCD in case of dynamic or fast-changing display.

  1. Less power consumption

The AMOLED screen doesn’t require any extra backlight for producing colors. The organic polymers used in the display screen can generate their own light receiving electricity. Besides, as mentioned earlier, the display simply shuts off the pixels to display black or dark image instead of making extra ‘Black’ color. All these systems ensure the advantage of lower power consumption of the display of the electronic device.

  1. Thin structure and attractive design

Since the devices with AMOLED screens don’t require any back light source, they achieve a thin structure which is considered by most users as an attractive size and design. Also, the interior designs of the devices do not become so complex and the devices become light in weight in most cases.

  1. Can be installed in most electronic devices

AMOLED screen is a rather simple and cost-efficient technology which is being used in most of the modern devices. AMOLED screens are seen in many brands of Smartphones and televisions these days. The Samsung Galaxy S series, Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC One S are some of the notable devices built with AMOLED screens.


AMOLED screens provide quite a good number of benefits. It has become a very popular aspect of modern devices like Smartphones, televisions, computer monitors etc. due to its advantages. Therefore, while buying any electronic device, one should consider buying one with AMOLED display. It will give the comfort in use that every user wishes to have.

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