Top 5 Benefits of Ammonia Free Hair Color

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Hair color products are very popular worldwide. The amount of harmful chemicals used in these products may surprise many people. A slight trace of ammonia in your hair color may not be that dangerous, but continuous use of these products may inflict severe damage to your hair and skin. Natural products are always much more reliable and safer to use. The major benefits of using ammonia free hair color are-

  1. Good for your hair

People who color their hair every now and then often suffer from rashes along the hairline or irritating skin. Ammonia free colors do not have harsh side effects on your hair while making it healthier and shinier. Sometimes ammonia containing products may induce split hair ends. Hair cuticle and shaft may be damaged by long term use of ammonia containing colors. Ammonia free hair color is particularly beneficial for the people who have dry and frizzy hair.

  1. Protects your Skeletal Skin

After using your hair product if you feel a burning sensation or itching then probably your skin is allergic to ammonia and you should change to ammonia free products as soon as possible. Continued use of these colors can have adverse effects on your skin.

  1. Ammonia causes Sinusitis problems

Besides your skin, ammonia can be very harmful for the sinuses. Sinusitis is largely responsible for premature graying of hair. The pungent smell of the hair color may trigger sinusitis.

  1. Preserves Proteins and other Vital Nutrients

At alkaline environment, the hair color swells the cuticle of the hair to penetrate into the cortex. Significant amount of protein and moisture loss takes place during this phase. Ammonia raises the pH of the hair to such a degree that it cannot get back to its original pH after coloring. Therefore, the cuticle remains open for the whole period and the hair loses its proteins and moisture continuously. This is how hair is damaged by using ammonia containing products.

  1. Organic colors work at a lower pH value

The organic or natural colors not only raise the pH to create an alkaline environment, but also work as a softening agent. It softens the cuticle while coloring the hair. The softening process makes sure that the organic colors can work at a far lower pH value than that of ammonia colors. Therefore, protein and other vital nutrients of the hair are preserved. The ammonia free colors open up the strands of the hair so that it can easily penetrate and deposit its pigments.


The ammonia free hair colors use natural pigments as dyes which does not irritate your hair, skin or sinuses. People used to believe that the organic colors may not have the same long lasting impact and grey coverage as the ammonia colors. But, with the improvement of ammonia free technology, now it is possible to have the same lasting color with vibrant shades using organic products. Therefore, it is recommended to choose your hair color product wisely to protect your skin and hair from damage caused by ammonia.

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