Benefits Of Alfalfa Sprouts

Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts Alfalfa sprouts are commonly used as fodder in Middle Eastern countries claiming the nutritious vegetable increased strength and speed of horses. In fact, alfalfa sprouts is a ‘’super food” as it is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. Read on and find out some of the health benefits you can reap … Read more

Benefits Of Alfalfa Supplements

Benefits of Alfalfa Supplements Alfalfa, a feed plant, is fast gaining popularity due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. Not only are the tender stems, dehydrated leaves and the sprouts beneficial, but the alfalfa supplements also. Below is a general look at benefits of alfalfa supplements. 1. Cures digestive complications Alfalfa supplements may provide … Read more

Benefits Of Brussels Sprouts

Benefits Of Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts belong to the Brassica family of plants and are a vegetable that bears similarity to a mini-cabbage. This mini cabbage has a diameter of about one inch and grow in bunches. Each bunch contains about 20 to 40 Brussels on the stem and the height of the plant is … Read more