Benefits Of Jaborandi Oil

Benefits of Jaborandi Oil This herbal shrub is native to the Amazon forest and has greyish colored leaves. It has a smooth texture and bears reddish colored flowers. Jaborandi oilis popular in Brazil and is taken as herbal tea to treat disorders such as pleurisy, rheumatism, and flu. Today, jaborandi oilis used to cure different … Read more

Benefits Of Mucuna Pruriens

Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens Mucuna pruriens is an annual shrub that has long vines and is also called velvet bean, cowhage or cowitch. The seeds, leaves and roots of this particular shrub are used for providing its beneficial effects. Physicians in herbal medicines commonly use mucuna pruriens to treat Parkinson’s disease. The follow are major … Read more

Benefits Of Uva Ursi

Benefits of Uva Ursi Also known as crowberry, whortleberry or bearberry, Uva Ursi is a green shrub native to North America. It was widely used to treat urinary infections and diseases, like urethritis, acute cystitis and nephritis just to mention but a few. Berries and stems of this medicinal shrub are popularly used as ingredients … Read more

Benefits Of Witch Hazel

Benefits of Witch Hazel Witch hazel, popularly known as Winterbloom or Hamamelis Virginiana is a nutritious shrub prominent in North America. The plant has become widespread and is grown in Asia and Europe as well. It was earlier used as poultice, to cure inflammation and swelling. Today, it is widely used in facial care in … Read more

Benefits of Isabgol

Benefits of Isabgol Isabgol originates from Persia and it is imported from here to India. Nowadays, isabgol is cultivated in various parts of India for medicinal use. This seasonal plant is about two inches tall. It does not have a trunk and thus it is categorized as a shrub. It has three leaves and is … Read more