10 benefits of Ductile Iron – the strongest Iron

10 benefits of Ductile Iron- the strongest Iron Only a specialist in metallurgy field knows the benefits of this strongest form of iron which is widely available in the market. The metal has many names including “ductile cast iron and spherulitic graphite cast iron etc. to name a few. Iron furniture including the cupboards, sofa … Read more

Benefits of galvanic corrosion

Benefits of galvanic corrosion Galvanic corrosion refers to a degradation process that happens when two non-compatible metals are exposed to each other in an electrolyte solution. ‘ As the term suggests, corrosion exists especially on the metal with the weaker property. ‘ Corrosion is a common property for many metals and this process is promoted with the … Read more

Benefits Of EDTA

Benefits of EDTA EDTA or EthyleneDiamine TetraAcetic acid is a kind of amino acid that is related closely to vinegar. This particular synthetic amino acid was first developed in 1931 by Germans so as to reverse poisoning caused by heavy metals following the intake of mercury, lead and aluminum. Here are other advantages of EDTA. … Read more

Benefits Of Tungsten

Benefits of Tungsten Tungsten is one of the metals used for manufacturing machinery and tools. Nevertheless, this alloy has started to be used for making jewelry, particularly rings. Even though tungsten rings were not popular when they first presented, they are quickly becoming a huge favorite among people due to their durability and strength. The … Read more