Benefits Of Rudraksha

Benefits of Rudraksha Rudraksha are seeds got from a sacred tree that are normally worn as beads. Traditionalists in India believe that these seeds were created from Lord Rudra tears, thus giving them immense spiritual power. Rudraksha has been used to cure several diseases, particularly those linked to heart and blood pressure. More Rudraksha benefits … Read more

Benefits Of SEZ in India

Benefits of SEZ in India SEZ stands for special economic zones. In India these SEZ are created and run by the government or private owners. They provide special economic laws which are market oriented to help with developing industrial growth in these particular areas. In other cases, organizations which are owned by the government usually … Read more

Benefits Of Guggul

Benefits of Guggul Guggul is native to India and it is utilized for treating several disorders. It contains aromatic and organic acids, fatty acids and sterols. The following are the major health benefits of taking this guggul herb. 1. Anti-inflammatory effects Guggul is commonly prescribed for pain and anti-inflammatory relieving purposes by herbal doctors. Actually, … Read more

Benefits of OCI

Benefits of OCI OCI denotes Overseas Citizenship of India and it is a type of citizenship used by a dual citizen of another nation. The Indian law prohibits Indian natives to hold passports from other countries and therefor the OCI offers a good form of citizenship to all foreign residents without giving the holders travel … Read more

Benefits Of Neti Pot

Benefits of Neti Pot Neti pots are very popular in India and they have several practical benefits. As a matter of fact the Hatha yoga method of cleansing is known as Jalaneti or neti. Neti pots are highly beneficial in irrigating and cleansing sinuses. 1. Treat sinuses Chemicals and pollution problems include dust, pollen as … Read more

Benefits Of Methi

Benefits of Methi Methi is a very popular spice in India and it is also known as fenugreek. You can ingest it though incorporating it into your daily diet or by chewing its seeds. Aside from its culinary uses, methi seeds have several health benefits. The following are some key advantages of methi seeds. 1. … Read more