Benefits Of Iced Green Tea

Benefits of Iced Green Tea Iced green tea has been used for years to treat various ailments and was popularly used by the Ancient Chinese people. In Ancient china, iced green tea was used to cure depression and headaches. Unlike your usual tea, it has low caffeine content which often causes nausea, frequent urination and … Read more

Benefits Of Kukicha Tea

Benefits of Kukicha Tea Kukicha tea is also referred to as green tea, a popular Japanese tea made from the stalks and stems of the shrub, Camellia sinensi. Kukicha green tea has several healthy elements that include essential minerals such as copper, zinc, fluoride, manganese, selenium and copper. In addition, the tea also contains Niacin, … Read more

Benefits Of EGCG

Benefits of EGCG Green tea is a very popular drink that is well known for many of its health benefits. It has been actually used in Asia for a very long time as an effective medicine. Here are other benefits of drinking green tea regularly. 1. Enhances cardiovascular health Clogged arteries or atherosclerosis is one … Read more

Benefits Of Green Tea

Brand new exercise programs and fad diets may constantly come up in today’s market, but these are rarely ever useful, no matter how much they try to convince you to waste your money on them. You should know that miracle cures do not exist. However, there is one way to experience great health benefits and … Read more