Benefits Of Using a Staffing Agency

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency A staffing agency, also called recruitment agency, fills a vital requirement for both job seekers and employers. Locating a worker who is the best fit for an organization and its culture is normally difficult, time consuming and costly. Using a staffing agency helps to find either permanent or temporary … Read more

Benefits Of Temporary Staffing

Benefits of Temporary Staffing Traditionally, non-profit organization had to contact their temporary staffing agency when some of their employees were on vacation or on sick leave. While most companies still bank on such agencies for clerical and administrative staff to help meet their short-term needs, some organizations now rely on these agencies to provide specialized … Read more

Benefits of IATA Card

Benefits of IATA Card An IATA card basically refers to a number that gives your travel agency an edge over other competitors. Most importantly, it lets agencies sell travel products, including air tickets. IATA number also distinguishes ‘’serious” travellers from onlookers. It tracks all the agency vendors to ensure smooth running of operations. 1. Sell … Read more