Six Benefits of eating Gem Squash

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Six Benefits of eating Gem Squash

Gem Squash scientifically known as Cucurbita Pepo is considered as the world’s oldest vegetation as evidence indicated that the first cultivation dates back to the Mesoamerican age. It falls in the cucumber family and is still considered as one commonly served vegetables in countries like Mexico and south and central of United States and South Africa. However now Gem Squash is cultivated all around the world as it is very common fruit. This genre of squash is dark green in color and spherical in shape, and the size is more or less similar to softball when it gets ripe. At times, the fruit is often harvested ripe for its delicate flavor.

Gem Squash is prepared either boiled or baked. One can also add butter or brown sugar inside the fruit to enhance the taste.

Gem Squash is ideally harvested in an altitude over 6,500 feet. The inside of Gem Squash looks yellowish-orange and the Gem Squash plant has round insect pollinated flowers and lobed leaves. Along with the fruit people also consumes other parts of the Gem Squash plant like seeds, stem and leaves as they are highly beneficial for health.

Most fruits and vegetables come with a variety of health benefits as the edible ones are usually high on protein and vitamins. Similarly, Gem Squash is also stuffed with high protein and vitamins which is one main reason of its popularity as a common daily course of the meal served in countries like South Africa.

Here lies a list of nutritional benefits from gem squash:

Gem squash is full of carotene and it is a well-known fact that carotene helps prevent lung disease and cancer.

Squash also helps prevention of high blood pressure and Type II diabetes.

Squash is watery and with high carotene it also helps in prevention of various heart diseases.

Be it either winter or summer squash, Gem Squash is rich in Vitamin B which eventually gives out body more strength and immunity to prevent various unforeseen illnesses.

Not only does Gem Squash contain Vitamin B, squash is also full of Vitamin C which keeps control of immunity, prevent cold and fever and even challenge allergies.

The rinds of Gem Squash tree also proved highly beneficial because of rich presence of fiber.

As all these aforesaid qualities can be derived from a single fruit, it is one main reason why Gem Squash is considered as a staple food in many countries.

However care should be taken to prepare squash properly since adding a high amount of water during preparation may deplete the benefits of the fruit.

Having said so much about Gem Squash, it is probably clear by now that the range of benefits that one can derive from this small softball sized fruit, which is easy to buy as they are available in most of the vegetable marketplace. Moreover, there are various other preparations that can be made using gem squash. In fact, it is commonly used for preparation of various recipes like honey roasted gem squash with walnuts or squash with corn and chips.

To conclude, gem squash has myriad of benefits to offer, and they can be used for various tasty dishes if made correctly.

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