Seven Secret Health Benefits of Veal They Do Not Want You to Know

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Like beef, veal is also a common choice when it comes to red meat. The only difference between beef and veal is that beef comes from grown up cattle while veal comes from calves. On a more accurate note, male cattle within twenty weeks old are the only source of veal. Both the beef and veal have common nutrients, essential minerals and vitamins. Although veal has something unique that makes it a healthy food.

Let’s see what veal has in store for you.

  • Similar cuts of veal and beef shows you clearly why veal is a smarter choice for diet conscious people. A 3 ounce cut of veal is worth of only 5.38gm of fat. You will be amazed to know that from this net worth of 5.38gm fat, only 2.15gm are left as saturated fat. As you know, saturated fat is advised to be consumed in a limited amount per day. Veal wins it easily with its low cholesterol meat substance of only 114 milligrams.

  • A top round cut of 3 ounce veal is worth of 30.7gm of protein, whereas beef gives you slightly less protein of 30.3gm. So, for the meat eaters looking for more protein, veal is still a thumbs up.

  • People living with a strict calorie regimen, still get a taste of life with veal as it delivers only 179 calories from a 3 ounce top round cut. There is no difference in the calorie segment for the people eating beef or any kind of other red meat.

  • Veal is enriched with vitamin B. This vitamin is essential for energy and healthy metabolism. Other than vitamin B, veal is a rich source of vitamin B-12, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid. People who consume beef on regular basis can easily switch to a smarter and healthy choice with veal.

  • Veal can supply you 2 percent of daily required sodium value with a 3 ounce top round cut. Veal has 57 milligram of sodium contents which is more than 38 milligram of sodium in beef. The amount of iron is similar cuts of veal and beef is the same. The level of zinc is also quiet similar with 3.37 milligram in veal and 3.38 milligram in beef.

  • People who live their life in a low carb diet plan, can freely take veal as is has zero carb in a 3 oz. quantity.

  • Veal is tender and easily it gets absorbed by your digestive system. People who face difficulty in digesting beef or any other red meat can give veal a try.

As of now, veal is the safest red meat option around. People who do not want to risk their lives eating high calorie and high cholesterol foods, can still eat veal without any worries. Its vitamin and mineral contents are commendable and you cannot expect more from a red meat dish. There are various tasty veal recipes are available online. Give veal a chance to satisfy your taste buds and your daily nutritional requirement by preparing a hot and delicious veal dish today.

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