Seven benefits of Asking Questions

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Seven benefits of Asking Questions

To simply start with – if there would have been no question raised for we would not have defined our logic. Asking questions or seeking an answer is a basic human treatise. It is a treatise to find out an appropriate final outcome of a decision.

There lies an art of questioning, and this varies based upon situation and time. For instance, one HR personnel taking interviews by asking some specific form of the question will not bear similar style to that where one raises the question at her household for a petite family affair.

Looking from the organizational management point of view, modern organizations maintain Human Resource section whose human resources are equipped to execute the art of taking professional care of an employee’s or select the right candidate. This is indeed a precision and vital task and HR department is considered as the pillar of any organization.

Art of questioning is further involved in other sphere of business like convincing a customer for a new purchase or even just asking simple question from daily chores of life.

Questioning possess an attribute as quality. Any quality questionnaire session would likely to yield concrete answer. Example: HR personnel when interviewing a candidate asks a set of questions that are purely relevant to the cause. A wrong or misleading interview session could end up selecting the wrong candidate.

Patterns do prevail in the art of asking questions and finding out benefits. The pattern implies to the way it is expressed, and that is another crucial factor. In fact, it is again the basic human trait because our mood and expression changes on a specific situation; like here in this case the interviewer.

However the frequency of asking questions and reaching for the right answer may not be a trait for all. People who are mainly extrovert and inquisitive seek to dig more by asking varieties of question while introvert mostly keeps quiet and doesn’t question much. This is one major issue in a professional organization where introvert peoples often fail to express themselves or justify a proper response for a solution. It is those individuals who are clear listeners and active in a discourse can find a proper answer for the question.

However here lies 10 benefit of asking questions:

-Asking questions implies giving priority one person.
-Question helps to gain more attention.
-Asking questions helps to gain control of a system at its entirety.
-Question keeps one discussion going.
-Valid questions show right direction.
-Asking questions helps one to understand motive of an individual.
-Asking questions shows one’s interest on any topic or a matter.

Thus measuring the importance and benefit of raising a proper question it is imperative of the fact that one has to understand the idea of the right method of questioning like a lawyer or a human resource professional through possible specialized training.

There is actually no specific metric that can be used to measure our advancement of learning the art of questioning. There is only the possibility of further refinement of a question trying to reach the correct answer in a constructive and efficient approach which defines the art of questioning as a preferred tool for finding solutions and help in our lives.

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