Osteoporosis and vibration therapy

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The whole body vibration therapy is the motorized repetitive movements or an oscillatory motion that is goes around an equilibrium point. This is basically a transfer of energy from the vibration platforms to your body. The types of machines used vary from size to the force used for vibration therapy. Whole body vibration platforms are used in different context; you can use it in your home, they are used in rehabilitation centers, clinical physical therapy and gyms or exercise facilities.

Osteoporosis is the breaking of bones when the struts that make the mesh-like structure in the bones become weak. This is usually after a fall or a minor bump. Most of these bones are known as fragility fractures; fractures can occur in different parts of the body. However the spine, the wrist and hips are most commonly affect by these fractures.

Benefit one is that the therapy helps reduce the chances or the risk of your fragile bones breaking. There are conventional drugs used for this kind of treatment however there are those are not tolerant. Vibration therapy is also for those who would generally like to avoid the use of drugs. The therapy helps by increasing the bone destiny and makes the bones stronger over a period of time. The vibration therapy increases the bone destiny in about 6 to 8 weeks which is a very short duration as compared to conventional exercise.

Benefit two is the fact that it alleviates the pain even after osteoporosis. If you were not aware that your bones were fragile and you get a fragility structure, there is still hope using the therapy. Bone fractures are bound to be very painful; the therapy has proven over time to have an analgesic effect on pain.

Benefit three is that it helps you heal faster. The therapy ensures faster blood flow and rejuvenation of the body cells. This helps you to heal faster than usual because blow flow is increased to twice its speed and the capillaries diameters are widened to allow easier flow of blood.
Benefit four is increase of balance. Whole body vibration therapy should improve the balance and especially women with fibromyalgia. This is mainly why this therapy is known as the vibration healing. It is used mainly to prevent, treat as well promote recovery from various ailments, and it is applied for most systemic grievances. It can be used for patients who are immobile by having the patient sit in a chair that vibrates.

Benefit five; it increases joint flexibility. Vibration therapy helps patients with osteoporosis by improving joint flexibility and avoiding bone fractures. It has been proven that just fifteen minutes of applied vibration of low frequency and amplitude usually has a result of improved muscle relaxation.

It has also been noted that weight-bearing exercises have a positive influence on the bone structure. Most of the benefit is caused by the strains in addition to stresses that the ligaments and the muscles put on the skeleton.

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