Nutritional Benefits Of Jiggery

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Nutritional Benefits of Jiggery

Whole sugar or jiggery is prepared from unrefined sugarcane juice. It has many natural vitamins and minerals which were present in unrefined sugarcane itself. In other words, jiggery is a pure form of sugar and has glucose and sucrose present, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Jaggery is often said to have medicinal properties.

1. Cleansing agent
Most people are not aware that jiggery can play an essential role as a cleansing agent. Well, this is a proven use of jiggery. It helps clean the digestive tract, intestines, lung, food pipe and stomach, as well as respiratory tracts. Moreover, it helps provide relief from indigestion due to its high fiber content.

2. Treats rheumatic pain
Jaggery has small amount of phosphorus, zinc and calcium, which makes it useful in improving immune function. It also helps treat bile disorder and rheumatic afflictions, as well as purifying the blood. Besides alleviating rheumatic pain, studies show that jaggery can also treat cough and common cold.

3. Source of essential minerals
Unlike ordinary sugar, unrefined sugarcane is rich in essential minerals, mainly iron with other traces of mineral salts. Since jaggery is natural and unrefined, it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals needed for optimum body function.

4. Promotes digestion
Although it may seem unrealistic, taking jaggery is recommended after eating a heavy diet to improve digestion. Jaggery activates stomach enzymes, speeding up the digestion process.

5. Energy food
Regular consumption of diets high in carbohydrates fuels our body to produce sustainable energy through oxidation. Glucose and sugar are easily digested, releasing energy in large amounts. Such diets are therefore recommended for athletes because they constantly need abundant energy. Moreover, you never have to worry about side effects whatsoever because jaggery is unrefined sugarcane.

As mentioned earlier, jaggery is safe for consumption because it is natural and unrefined.

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  1. Sarah S

    September 11, 2015 4:31 am

    Is it jiggery or jaggery? The article uses both spellings at different times.

    Also, a picture of the product would be very useful for those of us who have never heard of jiggery (or jaggery). Maybe it’s something we know by another name, but how can we tell? Maybe even a link to a source for purchase would be helpful.

    I’d also appreciate source notes for the claims about the benefits, so I can check on them for myself.

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