Multiple Benefits of AnulomaViloma

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Multiple Benefits of AnulomaViloma

Anulomaviloma is one of the most common yogic treatments prevalent for decades primarily among Hindu saints. The term anuloma is derived from Sanskritic text which means ‘Alternate’. It is a practice to breathe by applying nostrils alternatively. One of the most accepted from of Pranayama, anulomaviloma, can be practiced by sitting in the form of asana.

The main idea is to close alternate nostrils using thumb or little finger, breathe steady, in a poised manner and exhale the air through another nostril. The practice is repeated by switching the nostril – left or right nostril and is continued till one feels comfortable performing the same.
Practicing anulomaviloma follows some strict principles and one should clearly follow the procedure. Care should be taken not to exert pressure while breathing which eventually leads to quick exhaustion. Moreover, it should not be often repeated and not to be mechanical in nature. If one has to perform the pranayama, it is better to do it with time in hand and ensure to keep breathing gentle and regular. Owing to the posture it is essential to keep the spine straight thereby allowing total expansion of the chest.

The most fundamental benefits derived from anulomaviloma are:

Being anulomaviloma a yogic treatment, practicing it regularly cleans different parts of the body thus maintaining a stronger health.

The yogic treatment is very much useful to cure diseases like cold, flu, rheumatism, gout and other diseases concerning the reproductive organs. These types of ailment in Vedic terminology are referred as ‘VataDosha’.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha – These are some common regular doshas that every human face time and again. Regularizing practice of AnulomaViloma will help keep these doshas at bay.

Anulomaviloma help to facilitate supply of oxygen throughout the body, thus bringing tranquility in life.

Regular practice of anulomaviloma also helps improvement of blood circulation.

This yogic treatment is also effective treating arterial blockage, sinus and even migraines.

It also helps to control obesity.

Anulomaviloma helps to manage unwanted fat deposition and also helps to maintain metabolism.

Regular practice also helps to keep check on asthma, diabetes, allergy, gastric, acidity.

Those who suffer from the habit of snoring, practicing anulomaviloma will help to keep it under control.

A time when medical advancement was unseen, yoga was one of the most common forms of healing practiced by eastern saints. As a matter of fact, yoga is often accepted as an alternate method of treatment these days, and it is indeed a good practice to stay away from conventional medicinal treatment that we often fall prey into with the advent of allopathic medicine. Anulomaviloma – if practiced in the correct manner helps to keep our body healthy and defends various common and serious ailments which we often fall into in our day to day life.
Though the benefits of Anulomaviloma are high but care should be taken to ensure following the practice in strict discipline and decorum so to reap the full benefit of the treatment. If one is not aware of the techniques, it is better to consult a physiotherapist who can guide properly of its usage.

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