Medicinal Benefits Of Cumin

Medicinal Benefits of Cumin

Cumin is an essential part of curries and many ethnic dishes all over the world. It is also valued highly like an effective medicinal herb. For many years, both herbal practitioners and conventional physicians have recommended cumin use for treating wide ranging health problems. Discussed below are the medicinal benefits of cumin.

1. Prevents cancer
Cumin seeds have strong anti-carcinogenic effects. In a certain research, cumin showed good results in protecting lab animals from getting liver or stomach tumors. This cancer-preventive effect might be as a result of cumin’s powerful free radical eliminating abilities. It also increases the detoxification of enzymes in the liver.

2. Improves immune system
Cumin helps improve the immune function through providing sufficient amounts of iron. Iron is especially essential for menstruating individuals, who lose large amounts of iron every month in their periods. Furthermore, adolescents and growing children also require more iron, just like lactating or pregnant women.

3. Builds healthy blood
Containing lots of iron, cumin is a good natural supplement that can be used to enhance blood health. It also acts like a treatment for anemia. Enhanced iron in the body leads to richer hemoglobin content. Hemoglobin is the substance responsible for transporting oxygen to body cells.

4. Promotes healthy metabolism
Consumption of cumin seeds boosts your metabolic rate while facilitating better nutrient absorption all over the body. Most herbal practitioners regard cumin as one of nature’s perfect general body tonic. Healthy metabolism translates to enhanced energy production.

5. Aids digestion
Cumin is of great benefit to an individual’s digestive system. Studies show cumin seeds stimulate the release of beneficial pancreatic enzymes. These compounds are not only vital for effective digestion, but also for nutrient assimilation.

Since the medicinal benefits of cumin seeds on infant and fetal development are yet to be understood, cumin use should be shunned while nursing or pregnant.

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