Medical benefits of vibration therapy


Vibration Therapy was used by the Russians to investigate vibrating platforms as a means of maintaining muscle mass and bone while in the outer space. Their initial research findings were not published; however the benefits discovered attracted the European researchers who were after enhancing and strengthening training. It is just a way of improving the benefits of your chiropractic maintenance. It is a very effective as well as safe way to improve your posture and balance, increases bone density, prevents falls and all this without using harmful drugs. The therapy also helps you heal fasters from strains, sprains, fractures and other injuries.

Benefit one is that it reduces pain and inflammation. Massaging as well as rubbing is usually an instinctive response to pain. Researchers have discovered that any form of touch or vibration has a tendency of reducing certain forms of pain by about 40 percent. This is the main reason why the researchers have encouraged the vibration therapy for pain relief especially to chronic sufferers. The vibration therapy has proven over time to have an anesthetic effect. The therapy has been used before for patients who have diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. This worked better as opposed to conventional drugs.

Benefit two; vibration therapy increases the healing of fractures, sprains and strains. Vibration therapy interfaces with underlying energy fields which help the body function well. For fractures and sprains to heal faster, there has to be a good flow of fluids and the cells need to be rejuvenated faster. This therapy helps with these two factors and at the same time alleviates the pain.

Benefit three is the promotion of immune response through blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. There are studies that have found the use of vibration therapy could help improve the immune system. This is especially for the old and the obese who have slowed down; they are also in danger of conditions like heart disease and diabetes. This helps in your whole well-being. Thorough the therapy, blood is pumped almost 50 times faster into the capillaries. As a result, waste is eliminated faster and the cells are well facilitated with blood. This boosts the immune system.

Benefit four is the production of hormones that enhance feeling vibrant and healthy. Some medical conditions usually take a lot of its victims; for example cancer or asthma attacks or heart attacks. Vibration therapy can be used to rejuvenate their bodies to be able to fully function.

Benefit five is treating and preventing osteoporosis as well as osteo-arthritis. This is condition where the bones break or become frail. The aim of this treatment is to reduce the risk of the bones breaking. The whole body vibration is executed by the use of vibrating platforms where you can do exercises. This particular therapy induced short and fast changes in the tendon fibers and muscles. This causes increase in the strength and power of the muscles.

However the intensity of the vibration is a great factor to the kind of benefits you would like from the vibration therapy.

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