Medical Benefits Of Ajwain

Medical Benefits of Ajwain

Popularly known as Bishops Weed, Ajwain is a useful herb used in many culinary processes as well as a key ingredient in many types of medicines. Ajwain is well-known for its penchant and bitter tastes. It also acts as an appetizer and is a great laxative. Many folks now take it to quell mouth disease, vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal tumor, and so forth. Listed below are some of the health benefits of Ajwain.

1. Alleviates stomach pain
Ajwain is beneficial in alleviating sporadic pains of the intestines and stomach, in children and adults as well. Any sporadic pain caused by gas (flatulence), infections and indigestion can be calmed by taking a mixture of Ajwain in warm water. You can also take ajwain seeds to stop acid reflux once and for all.

2. Reduces lumbago
In some countries, some folks take ajwain seeds during pregnancy. This is because it is believed to reduce lumbago and purify the blood. On the other hand, it was used in traditional medicine as a remedy for insect bites due its pain killing effects.

3. Treats toothaches
Burning ajwain is also said to be effective when in alleviating toothache. Put the seeds in warm water and gargle thrice a day to cure tooth pain. Besides treating toothaches, a concoction made from ajwain seeds can also cure dry coughs.

4. Reduces alcohol craving
People who consume alcohol without moderation often develop discomfort and therefore taking Ajwain regularly can be very beneficial. In fact, it can reduce alcohol craving all together.

5. Relief from arthritic pain
Ajwain oil is beneficial in treating pain from disorders like arthritis. You can use it to massage knees and legs get fast relief from neuralgic and rheumatic pain.

Ajwain may not serve its purpose unless it is prepared properly. It also takes more time to prepare for it to be effective.

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