Know All About The Various Benefits Of Mineral Oil

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There are a number of benefits of using mineral oil. In addition to beauty treatments, it also helps in a number of medical ailments. A few of these benefits of mineral oil are given here.
1. Constipation. Mineral oil is commonly used for treating constipation. Either it can be taken orally or through the rectal way. This way it coats the stool as well as bowel with a thin film of oil. This makes movement of stool easier and hence helps to ease constipation.

2. Scalp issues – There can be various issues with the scalp. This would include dandruff, dry scalp, psoriasis, cradle cap and so on. A treatment here can be in the form of applying mineral oil to the scalp and covering it with a plastic shower cap. This can be left overnight and it will help to reduce inflammation.

3. Dry skin using mineral oil continuously on the skin helps to keep it moisturized. It also helps in conditions such as psoriasis. This is because it forms a protective layer on the skin. This ensures that moisture does not escape out from the pores of the skin. This way moisture remains in the skin keeping it moisturized.

4. Dry hair  It keeps the moisture around the cuticle locked in and prevents it from escaping. Thus it is useful for dry hair.

5. Oily hair  Applying mineral oil to damp hair ensures that excess oil does not penetrate the hair strand to make it oily. This way it is useful for oily hair too.

6. Affordable product  Mineral oil has a number of beauty benefits. On the other hand, most of the beauty products available in the market are expensive. Thus mineral oil can be used instead of them. It helps dry skin, dry hair, and frizzy hair and so on, but at an affordable price.

7. Little is enough  You do not have to use too much of mineral oil for anything. A few drops is enough. In fact, too much of mineral oil on hair will make it look greasy and weighed down. So just a few drops will do the trick! This means that a small bottle will last you a long, long time.

8. Curing minor skin conditions  There are minor skin conditions such as diaper rash, cuts, burns and so on that can be easily treated by applying mineral oil on them. In addition, it helps to reduce itching on these areas. Mineral oil is beneficial for itchy skin too.

9. Mild eczema  You may use mineral oil in order to treat mild eczema. This is especially useful in case corticosteroids are not to be used.

10. Cleaning of ears  Just 2-3 drops of mineral oil in ears is enough to get them cleaned and to remove all accumulated dust and grime from them.

11. Reducing fine likes  This is a very important benefit of mineral oil. Basically using mineral oil helps to increase the thickness of the outer layer of the skin. This helps in the removal of fine lines from skin.

12. Soft skin  Mineral oil helps the skin to retain its moisture. This was it makes the skin softer. Just a few drops are required and the skin will remain soft for a long, long time.

With so many benefits of mineral oil, it is no wonder that it is being used by a lot of people. In addition, newer uses are being discovered constantly and hence mineral oil is really in demand today due to all these reasons.

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