Importance and benefits of proper pencil grip

Importance and benefits of proper pencil grip

These days, people are more into typing rather than writing. People type e-mails in place of writing letters. They go for online examinations rather than hand written examinations. So, basically the world is going further towards an era where writing may be totally diminished. But whatever may be the scenario; writing will persist whether it is just for a signature or just for marking something.

Writing has its roots since the ancient age when the primitive men drew pictures on the cave walls to denote various symbols. There have been various materials that were used in the art of writing. It started from the stones to write on the walls to natural colors to write on the various fabrics or the recent days different kinds of pens. In the modern era, pen has also gone through a number of changes throughout the time. It started from the fountain or the ink pens then the ball point pens and then the gel pens. The list is endless.

But a writing medium that has been consistent since a long time is the pencil. Pencils were there at the time of the fountain pens, and it is still here in present times of several modern technologies like e-mailing. When a child starts writing, he gets acquainted first with a pencil as his writing medium. Though it is said that children are provided with pencils because they make mistakes that can be erased by an eraser, but there can be other benefits of pencils too. Children are provided with pencils for its grip that can be useful for them in their future.

The various benefits of the pencil grip are:

The most important benefit of using a pencil is that it provides a child the proper grip to have a proper writing style. Being a child whatever he will learn and adapt that will last till the end. So, the handwriting that the child will inherit in his early days will continue as he grows up. It is said that pencil grips are the best to practice good writing flow and that also improves the handwriting of a person.

A proper pencil grip not only helps the child to develop good handwriting but also aids in writing clean letters and words. Not only children, at times, many elders also prefer to write using pencils. The simple reason is that with pencil with proper grip in between the fingers, a writer can have a clean and clear write up.

Apart from the writing part the pencil grip also have a scientific effect. A proper grip over the pencil can help the writer in not having arthritis. Wrongly held pencils or pens can cause severe pain in hands and fingers that can lead to hand arthritis later in the future.

Due to the various good effects of the proper pencil grip, these days many elders in different professions are leaning towards the habit of using pencil as a medium of writing. The rising competition and the increased health consciousness have diverted many minds towards the uses of pencils with the proper grip.

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