Health Benefits Of Viagara

Health Benefits of Viaga

Viagra is a drug that was introduced for treating impotence or erectile dysfunction. Some reports now claim that this is not the only benefit of Viagra. Basically, Viagra can be used for women’s health as well. For instance, both a man and a women relish in more satisfying sex following Viagra use, which benefits the couple on a physical and psychological level as well. Find out other Viagra health benefits further down.

1. Treats erectile dysfunction
This is a disorder where the male patient is incapable of getting an erection or maintaining an erection. In other instances, some men do not have sufficiently hard erections to sustain sexual activity. This condition comes about because of insufficient blood flow to a man’s penis. Most men over the age of 45 years normally suffer from this problem. Taking Viagra half an hour before intercourse helps cause hard erections, especially when used after sexual stimulation.

2. Heart disease protection
Erectile dysfunction has been associated with heart disease development. Actually, if it happens regularly, men are advised to seek medical assistance. Furthermore, since heart problems are a key cause of ED, some patients normally refuse taking their heart medications. Viagra use has helped resolve this issue as it is completely safe for use by individuals with heart ailments. Studies now explain that heart patients who use Viagra are more likely to exercise more. Viagra helps lower heart rate and blood pressure.

3. Increases self-confidence
Viagra intake improves self-confidence through eliminating the stress caused by erectile dysfunction. An improvement in confidence translates to improved sexual relationships. Many couples actually saved their relationships or marriages by starting to use Viagra. Women in such relationships experienced better orgasms and greater sexual satisfaction.

There are a few side effects associated with Viagra use and they include stroke, sudden death, prolonged erections, headaches and flushing.

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