Health Benefits Of Teff

Health Benefits of Teff

Teff is a highly intriguing grain that is very tiny, but packed with lots of nutrition. Preparing teff is simple to do and it is just like cooking millet or other grains. A native of Ethiopia, teff makes a healthy addition to any person’s diet for variety, taste and nutrition. Here are health benefits of teff;

1. Nutritious
Teff is filled with many useful nutrients that are required by the body. For example, it contains higher protein content in contrast with wheat. It also has other wide range of minerals that include iron, calcium and thiamin. These minerals, especially the iron content of teff, are easily assimilated into the body.

2. Fiber
Teff is considerably high in amounts of fiber, which benefits individuals with diabetes. The fiber helps to manage a diabetic’s levels of blood sugar. This makes the condition a bit more bearable. Furthermore, fiber from teff bulks up the stomach and creates a satiated effect. This means reduced intake of foods, eventually resulting in loss of weight. Individuals with the common digestive ailments are recommended to consume teff as it provides instant relief.

3. No gluten
Gluten refers to a compound present in most wheat products and it causes allergic reactions in some people. Actually, this compound is quite damaging for those with celiac ailment. Since celiac sufferers also require protein, they can consume teff and get all the protein they need, without being worried about gluten. Other people having wheat sensitivities can eat teff as an alternative.

4. Prevents anemia
In Ethiopia, where teff consumption is popular amongst the citizens, there are low rates of anemia. This health benefit of teff is caused by the high contain of iron in contrast with other kinds of cereals like maize.
Teff is a delicious gluten free product that is fit to be eaten by all people and it has limited side effects.

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