Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

During the next Halloween, do not throw away the seeds after you finish up carving your pumpkin. Pumpkin seeds are very delicious and have various health benefits. Among most edible seeds, pumpkin seeds are most flavorful and nutritious. They have a sweet chewy texture which makes them favorable among many people. Outlined below are some of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds:-

1. Good source of various minerals

Pumpkin seeds have been found to contain various minerals such as magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. They are also a good source of minerals such as iron, zinc and copper. Further they contain vitamin K and proteins which are all important minerals to the body.

2. Relieves depression

Like some foods, especially turkey, pumpkin seeds are known to contain a certain compound known as tryptophan which naturally helps to fight any feelings of depression. Patients who suffer from depression are encouraged to eat these seeds as they continue with their medication. Over all it helps to relieve depression and makes people feel content and satisfied.

3. Prevents kidney stones

Eating pumpkin seeds can help to prevent a common type of kidney stone which is known as oxalate stone. These seeds appear to help reduce the levels of all substances which promote the formation of stone in the urine as well as increase the levels of substances which prevent kidney stone formation.

4. Prevents prostate and ovarian cancer

Pumpkin seeds contain a chemical substance known as cucurbitacins which helps to prevent the body from converting the levels of testosterone into hormones called dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is what is responsible for producing prostrate cells which are the causative for prostate enlargement.

Nevertheless, with pumpkin seeds, roasting increases the flavor but decreases the nutritional value. To get the best nutritional benefits, eating them in a raw state is advisable.

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