Health Benefits of holding hands


Holding hands may seem like an ordinary activity to some people. However, this activity is a sign of appreciation and expression of love among couples whether dating or already married. It also signifies care and acceptance to the loved ones especially the children. However, this is more common among married couples and possesses a lot of health benefits. This explains why so many married people seem very happy when walking together holding hands especially in fun trips and family outings. Below are some of these benefits.

It reliefs tension and stress

In every relationship, stress is experienced once in awhile and can actually be said to be part of life. However, holding hands works as cure for some o f these stressful moments .In such cases, holding hand reliefs the tension and hence the stress. Married couples for instance turn to their partners when faced with stressful situations and by reaching their partners hands; the stress goes away even without noticing. Stress can deteriorate health, therefore reducing stress allow people live a healthy life.

Holding handing comfort partners

Most couples are scared of losing their partners whether through breakup, death and through other ways that may separate them. Holding hands comforts couples as it indicates togetherness and signifies the willingness to live together forever. When couples are faced with scary situations like nightmares, they reach for their partners hand for comfort and security. Holding hands also comfort partners when faced with sorrow as well as sad moments. Life with less sorrow and worries is a healthy one.

It strengthens the bond been couples

Married couples often strengthen their bond by holding hands during their outdoor or indoor activities. This is true especially for the newlyweds. It sends a signal that no matter what comes on their way, they will always remain united and strong in love. A strong bond between couples signifies a healthy heart and brain.

Holding hands signifies commitment between couples

Any relationship is sustained by love and commitment. If any of the two is absent, then the relationship is doomed to fail at some point of life. Holding hands are a clear indication that the partners are willing to commit their body and soul to their marriage. In other words, it is a form of assurance that the couple intend to life together for better or worse.

Holding hands offers some psychological benefits

Psychologically, the brain of human being benefits from holding hands. This is because the hormone that is produce when holding hands is able to recognize the hands of a partner and differentiate them from those of another person. This action relaxes the brain which is necessary for a healthy life.

The benefits of holding hands do not end there as these are only but a few of such benefits. It is therefore a form of strange power that connects two people mentally as well as physically.

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