Health Benefits Of Gelatin

Health Benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin refers to a combination of various proteins derived from animal collagen through a process called hydrolysis. The collagen used for producing gelatin general comes from veal and beef bones. Gelatin is mostly taken as a supplement for enhancing joint and bone health. Below are more gelatin health benefits.

1. Improve metabolism
Gelatin comprises of an amino acid called arginine that is required for assisting metabolism in the body. A better metabolism translates into quicker calorie burning, which is vital for losing weight. In addition, gelatin generally has no cholesterol, sugar or fat in it. This means gelatin consumption is best for those on weight loss diets.

2. Boost muscle growth
The lysine present in gelatin aids in increasing muscle growth. In fact, consuming gelatin really helps growing muscles, particularly for athletes. Individuals seeking a muscular build like body builders should also eat gelatin to gain more muscles.

3. Enhance joint health
Gelatin is capable of assisting people who are suffering from sore or stiff joints, particularly before the problem worsens. Since gelatin comprises of high amounts of essential amino acids, it helps to prevent joint weakness and degeneration. Even though gelatin cannot treat a join disorder, it could possibly prevent it from becoming worse.

4. Hair
Gelatin use may benefit hair as well. It not only ensures that hair grows stronger and faster, but it also assists to preserve hair health. The high protein content in gelatin provides this hair improving benefit. In addition, these proteins also aid in healing roughened or cracked finger nails.

5. Digestion benefits
Gelatin can enhance the digestion process, particularly when used alongside foods that may be harsh on an individual’s digestive system like nuts and dairy. The gelatin assists the food to easily pass through the intestines and stomach.

Individuals with a gelatin allergy should not ingest this product as they might experience dizziness and hives.

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