Health Benefits Of Eggs

Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious in spite of their inexpensiveness and their small sizes. They are packed with various essential components needed by the body and they are quite delicious. Eggs are normally consumed like a breakfast meal and they are known for offering many health benefits as follows.

1. Pregnancy
Eggs are some of the foods that should be consumed during pregnancy due to their beneficial effects. Frequent egg consumption during pregnancy provides choline to the body, which is a vital nutrient that assists in fetal brain formation and development. It also aids in preventing birth defects. Eating two eggs offers approximately 250mg of choline, which is half the recommended daily amount for lactating and pregnant women.

2. Maintain weight
Since eggs are excellent source of proteins that possess all the vital amino acids, they assist to maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, they assist to manage the rate through which an individual’s body absorbs fat and calories. When undertaking weight management, the best kinds of foods are usually the ones that offer maximum nutrition with few calories. Egg intake is a good option for those attempting to maintain or lose weight.

3. Enhance eyesight
Zeaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants present in eggs and are thought to assist enhance eyesight. They work through lessening the chances of getting macular degeneration and other eye complications such as cataracts.

4. Omega 3
Another advantage of egg intake is that they offer omega 3, which possesses extensive health benefits. Omega 3 prevents blood clotting, increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. Through inhibiting blood clots from forming, eggs may assist lower heart attack or stroke risk. Moreover, the omega 3 present in eggs has been proven to lessen blood pressure.
Excessive intake of eggs may be harmful to your health as it could possibly cause red spots and dry skin.

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