Health Benefits Of Duck Eggs

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Health Benefits of Duck Eggs

Duck eggs have a slight duck meat flavor, which is enjoyed by most people. While a bit high in levels of cholesterol, minimal consumption of duck eggs is recommended as they offer significant benefits and also complement a good nutrition. Below are health benefits of duck eggs.

1. Vitamin A
A raw duck egg comprises of large amounts of the essential vitamin A. Eating duck eggs is great for individuals who are not obtaining adequate amounts of this vitamin from their diet s. The body normally utilizes vitamin A for enhancing eye health and vision. Vitamin A also has other functions that include strengthening the immune system, keeping bones and teeth healthy and combating free radicals.

2. Offer minerals
Consuming duck eggs is good way of getting several minerals required by the body for functioning. For instance, one duck egg provides 155mg of phosphorous, 44mg of calcium and 150mg of potassium. Calcium and potassium are vital for proper bone health, while the 2mg of iron found in duck eggs is needed for producing hemoglobin.

3. Protein source
Duck eggs are outstanding protein sources and they offer about 20% of the daily recommended protein intake. You require making certain that you consume sufficient protein amounts every day since it is a huge component of various body parts such as the skin, organs and muscles. Protein is also being used continually for repairing and maintaining body cells, especially while pregnant, during childhood or following an intense exercise.

4. Vitamin E
Another important vitamin present in duck eggs is vitamin E that is known for its antioxidant property. It not only guards against damage by free radicals, but it also promotes digestive health.
A huge concern associated with frequent duck eggs intake is high cholesterol, which is unhealthy and may cause numerous health issues, especially heart linked problems.

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