Health Benefits of Albacore Tuna

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Health Benefits of Albacore Tuna

Albacore is a type of Tuna which is usually sold in cans. It is the only kind of white meat Tuna. Its pinkish white flesh is very firm and flaky and it is full of nutrients. It contains more omega – 3 fatty acid than any other Tuna species. In addition to that, it also carries nutrients like, selenium, protein, and vitamin B-12. Both fresh and canned Tuna possesses a number of health benefits. They are described below-

Source of Protein

Protein is one most vital nutrient for our body. It assists in muscle building and growth. Albacore Tuna possesses almost the same quantity of protein as various meats and poultry. However, when it is soaked in water, it bears ‘½ the calories and ‘¼ the entire body fat of the usual quantity in beef and poultry. 23 grams of essential protein can be achieved from 3-ounce can of Tuna. In other words, it contains around 44% of women’s & 36% protein of men’s suggested diet.

Beneficial for Heart

Despite the fact that Albacore Tuna possesses lesser fat compared to beef or even poultry, it is a vital source of necessary omega-3 fatty acids that reduce your probability of cardiovascular diseases. It carries the 2 types of Omega-3 fatty acids namely, EPA & DHA that reduce triglycerides, & helps prevent arrhythmias. In addition to that, it will lower the chances of plaque formation in your blood vessels. Omega-3 fatty acid will particularly help you to prevent strokes & heart attacks.

Source of Necessary Body Fat

A can of Albacore Tuna contains 5.1 g fat which is 8% of the regular 65g recommended by dietitians. The mono and polyunsaturated fats that it mostly bears helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. It is also beneficial for your brains and joints. Keeping track of saturated fat and maintaining daily consumption below the daily limits is extremely important for avoiding heart diseases.

Mineral Content

Minerals are vital ingredients to keep our body healthy. Phosphorus helps in building our Bones & teeth along with calcium & vitamin D. A can of Albacore possesses 373 mg of phosphorus which is 37% of the 1000 mg recommended by American dietitians. Besides, it contains 408 mg potassium in a can which is 12% of the 3500 mg recommended daily value. Potassium is helpful for maintaining the necessary fluid level which helps to keep blood pressure optimum. The recommended value for sodium is 2400 mg daily. Sodium content in a can is about ‘¼ of what is recommended.


Selenium, combining with proteins creates a substance which acts as an antioxidant and controls thyroid hormones. Our body immune system largely depends on selenium. Our daily requirement for selenium is just 55 micrograms. 56 micrograms of selenium can be obtained from a single can of Albacore Tuna.

Albacore Tuna is very beneficial for our health. However, over consumption may cause certain problems in the minors and pregnant women. So, we should intake optimum amount of it to get the benefits.

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