Get the incredible benefits of Ekadasi Fasting

Get the incredible benefits of Ekadasi Fasting

The eleventh lunar day of the Hindu calendar is known as Ekadashi. It is indeed an auspicious day for the Hindus and the Jains. This word Ekadashi has a Sanskrit origin. The word can be broken into two syllable “Eka” meaning “One” and “Dashi” meaning “Ten’. It is said that when Lord Narayand indulged himself in a fierce battle with the demon, Mura the battle continued for long hours which made the Lord quench for thirst. However, as Mura’s intention was to kill the Lord so while the Lord was in deep sleep after the tiring war, Mura went ahead to kill the Lord, in the manifestation of a beautiful girl happened who camouflage the demonic character. The name of the young girl was Mahasakti but when Lord Narayana became pleased with her activity that He called her Ekadasi, as her arrival was on the eleventh lunatic day of the waning moon.

The benefit of the Eleventh day of the waning moon “Ekadasi’ fasting are:

  • Everyday intake of junk foods helps our body to gain additives which is reduced with proper maintained fasting during Ekadashi.
  • There is a spiritual upheaval, one who observes such fasts, is usually freed from all evil activities conducted by the sinner.
  • It helps a person to increase love and faith for Krishna and Govinda.
  • It helps in minimizing all the physical demands of the body and helps the mind to concentrate towards spirituality.
  • It also gives the ever munching digestive system a rest after all the junks which were going into it.
  • It also helps down to break down the conglomerated adipose tissue in our body.

It helps one gain self discipline in case of having food and concentrate more on worshiping of God. It helps to keep the body light so that one can have full concentration in meditation

Fasting should never be overdone. It usually creates buoyancy and not fatigue. When we observe fasting the total blood circulation process helps the body to feel light weighted, and one does not feel sleepy throughout the day. Gorging on too much food makes one feel sleepy. It is a belief that, on this Ekadashi day, especially the effect of the moon is directly felt in the stomach. One has to eat only fruits and water during the period of Ekadasi, and it can be broken only by consuming wholesome grain during the time specified by the Vaishnavas. It is believed that the whole body system is cleaned by fasting during Ekadashi. It is a normal tendency of human beings to eat a lot of food without thinking much on the health aspect. By observing fasts, the normal metabolism is maintained. The saints from Jaganatha Temple do not observe Ekadasi as they feel it is too tedious and hinders the fasting system of the other Lords. According to them, they have actually tied upside down the idol of Ekadasi with the branch of a tree and have come out of all the obligation of following Ekadasi fasting every month. Whatever be the case every religion has their prescribed days of fasting apart from following Ekadasi. However, following Ekadasi will help you gain the aesthetic sense derived from the mythology of the Gods and Goddesses and bring you closer optimal physical wellbeing in the long run.

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