Five Surprising Health Benefits of Adenoidectomy

Five Surprising Health Benefits of Adenoidectomy

Adenoidectomy is generally the removal of swollen adenoids for various reasons such as bleeding of adenoids that cannot be stopped, severe obstruction of airways during sleeping time, chronic infections and recurrent ear infections among others. The adenoids are the glands made up of the lymphoid which are involved in providing the body with required immunity. Adenoidectomy is therefore, the type of surgery that is performed by Otolaryngologists and other surgeons under anesthesia condition. This surgery is sometimes combined with tonsillectomy (removal of infected tonsils). Adenoidectomy has various health benefits which will be discussed in details below;

Adenoidectomy reduces mouth breathing

The swollen adenoids most of the time prevents free movement of air through the human nostrils. This can be very problematic since it forces the affected individual to breathe through the mouth. This act of breathing through the mouth is discouraged by the medical practitioners because the mouth lack the hair found in the nose for filtering the air that gets in the airways. This means that breathing through the mouth can lead to more problems especially from dust. Adenoidectomy reduces this by removing the swollen adenoids to allow air move through the nose freely.

Adenoidectomy reduces snoring in individuals

Most people with swollen adenoids face problems of snoring heavily which can be disturbing to others. This is because the adenoids literally blocks the airways preventing free movement of air through the air ways thus forcing the affected person to breathe forcefully trying to gather enough air. This in return causes snoring in such people. Therefore, by carrying out adenoidectomy will reduce this problem.

Adenoidectomy reduces chances of Eustachian tube blockage

Adenoids are very close to the ears which mean that once they get swollen they may end up causing unnecessary blockage in the Eustachian tube which directs sound to the inner ear. Blockage of this tube may cause hearing problems which can lead to further loss to the affected persons. Thus adenoidectomy assists in reducing this problem.

It help prevent recurrent ear infections

As said earlier, the adenoids are close to the ear and may most likely cause ear infections due to blockages of the Eustachian tube. This in return may lead to frequent ear infections and a lot of pain every time a person is faced with the infections. Therefore, it is advisable that the affected persons undergo adenoidectomy thus reducing the risks of suffering from recurrent ear infections.

Adenoidectomy help to prevent further ear and nose problems

As long as the adenoids continue to swell now and then, the affected persons will always be subjected to ear and nose problems. This causes a lot of untold pain to the persons especially in young children who cannot be able to tell what is going on. However, the adenoidectomy is able to get rid of such problems.

It is therefore evident that although adenoidectomy has been demonized for wanting to remove “body part’ from humans, it is necessary because it has very many benefits some of which have be mentioned above. However, the major purpose for this process is to reduce pain and suffering in the affected persons.

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