Five Health Benefits of singing with your baby


Singing is an easy way of communicating to and with babies. At an early age a baby will learn to communicate to their mothers or fathers through singing with their mothers even if the baby does not understand the meaning of the words being sang. They learn through signs before even learning the words, for instance they can clap their hands as they sing along. Singing with your baby is an important activity that benefits both the baby and yourself. Some of the benefits associated with singing with your baby are discussed below in detail.

Singing with your baby helps you to learn about their ideas and feelings.

Singing with your baby will allow you to learn more about your baby`s ideas, thoughts, feelings as well as their needs. After knowing their needs and ideas, it is easy to encourage them to sing more of the kind of songs they love most thus improving their singing ability and communication. The baby will also have a chance to know your thoughts when correcting them as they make mistakes.

Singing with your baby helps build a better relationship with your baby.

A good relationship with your baby is created when you do some activities together. Singing is one of the activities that enhances this relationship and is encouraged if a better relationship is to be created between you and your baby. The baby will learn to pronounce some of the words by singing the same song over and over until she/he is able to sing without your help.

Baby self- esteem is enhanced when you sing with your baby.

Through singing, the baby is able to build their confidence as they continue to learn how to pronounce some of the difficult words which in return enhances their self -esteem. High self esteem in your baby allows him/her build a better relationship with other babies. This will in return allow them play without fearing their peers.

Singing with you baby enhances early understanding as well as his/her vocabulary.

Your baby needs to learn vocabulary as early as possible. Singing is a good tool to allow him/her learns this as well as enhancing their understanding. Learning vocabulary is very necessary for their communication with not only the family members but with their peers as well as understanding what they are taught.

Singing with your baby allows him/her to grow emotionally.

Singing with your baby allows them to grow emotionally as they listen to the words of the songs and get to flow with the song. This way their intellectual development is also enhanced allowing them to read and write.

Singing is not only a form of entertainment but a way of communicating to your baby allowing them to connect with you emotionally. The benefits discussed above are among the many benefits associated with singing with your baby thus allowing them to learn from you and you from them.

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