Five Health Benefits of HAART therapy

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The full name of the term (HAART) is Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. This therapy involves use of various types of drugs that acts on viruses at several viral targets thus reducing their numbers in a HIV/AIDS infected patients. This therapy in turn assists in boosting of these patients immunity so that they are able to fight the different opportunistic diseases that kills majority of these patients. For this reason, this therapy is beneficial and some of the beneficial are discussed in detail below;

HAART therapy reduces opportunistic diseases associated with HIV/AIDS.

Most of the deaths of AIDS victims are associated with the opportunistic infections which occur as a result of the body lacking proper immune system to defend it from such attacks. HAART therapy has seen the number of deaths go down by a great percentage from the time when the physicians began using it. This therapy reduces the number of deaths by fighting the viruses which causes AIDS and reducing them by a significant number.

HAART therapy prolongs lives of HIV infected patients.

The HIV infected patients are expected to have a shorter life span than a normal person. This is because the viruses multiple very fast destroying the immune system of the infected person. However, HAART therapy is able to lower the number of viruses in the patients’ blood to a significant amount thus reducing destruction. Therefore, Patients are always encouraged to take HAART therapy seriously if they want to live a health lives free of frequent illnesses as well as living for longer period just like the normal people.

HAART therapy increases CD4 cell count while reducing HIV-1 RNA.

The level of CD4 cell count is what determines the progress of HIV infection. If the level is very low, then the patient is likely to be infected by opportunistic infections that kill them within no time. The HAART therapy in this case plays a great role of reducing the HIV-1 RNA which if not reduced weakens the body by lowering the CD4 cells which are the army in each individual. This therapy restores the protection by ensuring that the number of CD4 cells is high enough.

HAART therapy reduces the risk of mother-infant transmission.

It is estimated that HIV infected mothers that receive HAART therapy have reduced risk of infecting their babies. This is because the CD4 cell count of such mothers is high thus ensuring that the baby is safe from this virus. In untreated mothers the risk of infecting their babies is high due to their high viral loads.

HAART therapy offers some psychological satisfaction to HIV/AIDS patients.

Once the treatment is successful, most patients are able to overcome depression associated with AIDS. This is because one is freed from frequent sicknesses while regaining a normal life.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that the benefits discussed above about HAART therapy, are among the many other benefits that have not been talked about in this article.

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