Benefits of Zyvox

Benefits of Zyvox

Zyvox refers to a brand of drug that contains the active ingredient linezolid. ‘ This particular drug is classified as a strong antibiotic and is only prescribed by doctors to combat infections that have become resistant or do not respond to other antibiotics. ‘ Prescription of Zyvox is exclusively for the treatment or eradication of bacteria and not for viruses since the drug is deemed ineffective against the latter. ‘ The following are the benefits of Zyvox medication:

1. Treatment of serious infection involving the skin

Bacterial infections on the skin that do not respond to some types of antibiotic are classified as serious infections. ‘ When a particular infection for example fails to show some improvements or healing from a standard antibiotic, Zyvox may be prescribed as the next step to combat such infection. ‘ This is especially true if the bacteria to be eradicated are of the Gram-positive type. ‘ This type of bacteria includes streptococcus, enterococcus, and staphylococcus aereus among many others.

2. Treatment for Soft-tissue infections

Aside from superficial infections, there may also be involvement of other soft tissues beneath the skin including connective tissues and muscles. ‘ In the case of diabetic sores, many patients may actually respond better with Zyvox when compared to other typeos of antibiotics.

3. ‘ Treatment for pneumonia

Studies have also shown that Zyvox treatment for pneumonia may be more effective against the MRSA type of bacteria. ‘ MRSA is considered a very potent bacterium and only strong antibiotics like Zyvox may be effective against them. ‘ Zyvox is better than other antibiotics in the sense that it can penetrate deeper into the bronchial fluids to stop bacterial growth.

Zyvox or linezolid is a common drug of choice when treatment with other antibiotics has not been successful. ‘ This drug is relatively safe but even doctors take extra caution when doing prescriptions because of its high potency. ‘ Long-term treatments with zyvox are also avoided because it may cause lowering of platelet counts in patients.

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