Benefits Of Zinc

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zince_bookBenefits Of Zinc
Zinc is important mineral for the human body and plays a very important role in protein synthesis. It also aids in regulating the production of cells that form the immune system of the body. Zinc is generally found in strong muscles of the body. The red blood cells, cells of eye retina, liver, skin bones, kidneys, and pancreas contain high concentrations of zinc. The prostate gland and semen in men contain large quantities of zinc. Zinc is required for the normal secretion and functioning of about 300 enzymes of the body. The many other benefits of zinc to human health are:

1.Zinc aids in improving the quality of semen.
Zinc plays an important role in determining the quality of semen and sperms in men. Low concentrations of zinc adversely affect the sperm quality and hampers conception. Supplements of zinc improve motility of sperm as well as sperm count in the semen. These factors play an important role in improving and enhancing fertility.

2.Maintains the health of prostrate health.
Zinc plays a vital role in maintaining the health of prostate gland in males. It is used in curing prostate disorders. Deficiency of zinc causes the enlargement of prostate gland and increases the risk of cancer. Proper intake of zinc in diet helps to improve the health of this gland and protects it from various diseases.

3.Helps in reducing the severity of cold.
Proper intake of zinc helps in reducing the severity and suffering from cold illness.

4.Vital for the growth of fetus during pregnancy.
Zinc is an essential mineral for the growth and development of fetus during pregnancy. It helps in the functioning and repair of DNA. It is necessary for the speedy growth of cells especially required during pregnancy.

5.Improves the secretion and functioning of enzymes.
Zinc is an important constituent of various body enzymes. Sufficient quantities of zinc helps in proper functioning of various enzymes, protein synthesis, cell growth, hormonal levels, growth of DNA, regulation of gene transcription and energy metabolism.

6.Aids in the development of reproductive organs and processes.
Zinc aids in the development of male sex organs and enhances the process of spermatogenesis. In females, zinc plays an important role in all reproductive phases such as birth of the child and lactation stages.

7.Takes care of the skin.
Zinc has been traditionally used for curing pimples and acne. Skin disease commonly known as eczema is caused due to deficiency of zinc. Therefore zinc should be used in taking care of the skin.

Vegetarian men, those suffering with digestive problems and aged men are the most prone to zinc deficiency. It is always beneficial to take sufficient quantity of zinc through diet. Although deficiency of zinc causes large number of disorders in human but excessive intake of zinc also have harmful effects. Therefore zinc supplements should be used only after consultation with a medical practitioner.

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