Benefits Of Zinc for Men

Benefits of Zinc for Men

Most folks actually know less about the importance of incorporating minerals and vitamins into their nutrition. These minerals play a role in all body functions, from maintaining cell health to cellular repair and growth. Studies have shown that zinc provide wide array of health benefits for men, especially in regards to sperm count and overall health.

1. Improves fertility

Zinc is essential for determining sperm counts in men. A study conducted recently showed that small traces of zinc adversely affected quality of sperm, which is detrimental if you are trying to get pregnant. On the other hand, another study indicated that zinc supplements help to increase sperm counts, as well as sperm motility, factors which play a role in improving fertility.

2. Maintains prostrate health

Zinc also plays an essential role in improving prostrate health. Studies have shown that low zinc level increase your chance of developing prostrate cancer, though research is still at its preliminary stage. Evidence suggests that zinc help to slow down growth of prostrate cancer, but high doses may be harmful to your health. Therefore, zinc plays a role in male fertility as well as prostrate health according to recent findings.

3. Boosts immune system

Another benefit of zinc is that it improves function of the immune system, providing protection from viral infections and diseases. Moreover, zinc supplements along with calcium strengthen the bone which reduces your risk of osteoporosis.

4. Stimulates libido

Studies have shown that zinc can stimulate libido, recharging sex drive in men. Additionally, it helps in treating hepatitis as well as bacterial infections. Research further indicates that zinc can help improve dental health.

5. Skin health

It is also an effective remedy for treating unsightly facial features such as acne, pimples, and skin blemish. It is considered to be powerful than use of cosmetic products and is safe than undergoing invasive surgical procedures.

Zinc deficiency in the body often lead to dermatitis, chronic fatigue, female infertility, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism.

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