Benefits Of Yucca Root

Benefits of Yucca Root

The yucca root has been utilized medicinally by the Native Americans as well as early immigrants of California. Yucca roots contain many beneficial effects that enable their utilization in various products and also medicine. Below is an in depth examination of some of the benefits of yucca root.

1. Antioxidant effects

Yucca root possesses resveratrol, which is a natural antioxidant. Resveratrol helps in making certain that the body is not damaged by the oxidation process. Oxidation generates free radicals, which results in enhanced potential for health complications like heart disease. Taking yucca roots stops the accumulation of free radicals, thereby guarding against damage of blood vessels.

2. Treats arthritis

If you take yucca root orally, it can assist to deal with symptoms linked to bursitis, gout and arthritis. The high saponin content that is present in yucca roots disrupts the manufacture of chemicals that prevent growth of new cartilage. After these chemicals have been inhibited, a patient’s body can therefore produce new cartilage in various joints. Furthermore, yucca root has anti-inflammatory effects as well that can help in lessening the swelling. It also lowers the uncomfortable pain related to these health complications.

3. Reduces cholesterol

The cholesterol reducing benefit of yucca root is also credited to its saponin content. After ingestion, saponin particles in a person’s stomach attach themselves to cholesterol, thereby preventing the absorption of cholesterol into the blood. This enables cholesterol to be easily expelled as bile from the body. In fact, having high amounts of cholesterol in the bile means reduced cholesterol in blood. When cholesterol enters the blood, it may block arterial walls and hinder blood flow. Yucca roots ensure healthy blood circulation through lowering blood cholesterol.

The shortcoming of yucca root intake is that most of the benefits are yet to be clinically proven and thus you should only use it under a physician’s supervision.

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  1. Yucca does much more……it relieves constipation… regrows hair…..I experienced this using it……It revitalizes the body….it is the juice that feeds the human body…..I used to cleanse the body while using taxol. yew root for cancer treatment in traditional Blackfoot Medicine Therapy. It is an amazing herb and when used with a chi machine can significantly rebuild the body………it destroys unwanted bacteria in the intestines and promotes good bacteria…….it turns the whole system around and can prevent starvation on the prairie………The Indians say they did not really know about it and when I showed it to them they said omg this would of saved us………..Paul McKye………holder of secret herbal knowledge and traditional native medicine……


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