Benefits Of Young Coconut

Benefits of Young Coconut

Young coconuts are the coconuts that have not matured yet and have a green color. They do contain the coconut water that is known for its high electrolyte and low calorie content. The flesh or meat got from young coconut is much softer as compared to that of mature, brown coconuts. Discussed below are benefits of consuming young coconuts.

1. Medicinal properties
Young coconuts may be used for treating various health ailments. Medical experts say that coconuts possess antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which might be utilized for curing many health conditions ranging from nausea and skin infections to asthma, ulcers, toothaches and weakness. Most of the medicinal and healing effects present in young coconuts are because of their high lauric acid content.

2. Treats urinary ailments
Some urinary tract conditions can be eliminated with consumption of young coconuts. Drinking young coconut water helps to cure frequent urination (polyuria) and difficulty urinating among other urinary problems. The relief on every individual may vary based on the severity and cause.

3. Blood enhancing effects
Water derived from young coconuts is similar to blood plasma, making it a universal donor. Since the amount of plasma in blood is more than 50%, consuming young coconuts offers the body an instantaneous blood transfusion. In an emergency situation, water from young coconuts can be transfused on patients when the blood plasma help has not arrived.

4. Fatty acids
The fat content of young coconuts comprises of useful fatty acids that are easily digestible as compared to animal fats. Fatty acids can also enhance the body’s anti-inflammatory reactions and immune system. In fact, doctors recommend the fat present in these young coconut over other fat sources as it more readily used for energy production.

One possible limitation of young coconuts is that they are high in sugar. Even though this sugar is a natural coconut product, it still affects insulin production and thus diabetics should avoid young coconuts.

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