Benefits Of Yogurt Face Mask

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Benefits of Yogurt Face Mask

The yogurt face mask is very simple to create and use and it offers a great range of benefits. All that you require for making this face product is plain yogurt. You are supposed to apply it onto your face and allow it sit there for about twenty minutes before rinsing it off using warm or cold water. Yogurt may be used on its own or combined with other beneficial ingredients like herbs to make the face mask more effective. Using the yogurt face mask offers the following benefits.

1. Sunburn relief
The application of the yogurt face mask is recommended for soothing the pain and redness linked to sunburn. For sunburned and dry skin, a combination of honey and yogurt is recommended. The zinc present in yogurt assists in smoothing the skin and also cooling the burn. Besides that, the natural moisturizing effect of yogurt prevents loss of moisture through locking in the natural hydration of the skin.

2. Revitalizes skin
The lactic acid found in the yogurt face mask assists to smooth out and exfoliate the skin. Even though commercial products normally contain various other acids, the use of yogurt offers a soothing alternative for individuals with sensitive skin. You are advised to leave the face mask for half an hour, enabling the lactic acid to slacken flaky and dry skin and disband any debris in the skin pores.

3. Clears blemishes
People with acne can use the yogurt face mask to clear up their blemishes and also for preventing further outbreaks. Yogurt is believed to have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects that are responsible for offering this benefit. For enhanced effectiveness, a combination of lime juice and yogurt should be used.
For individuals with yogurt allergies, side effects like itching or burning can be experienced following the application of the yogurt face mask.

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