Benefits Of Yoga Pilates

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Benefits of Yoga Pilates

Pilates and yoga are fundamentally two different kinds of exercise. Pilates is an anaerobic form of exercise, which stretches and lengthens all the muscle groups. Yoga brings both the mind and body together and it involves breathing, meditation and exercise. Through combining these two exercises together, you are going to get the following advantages.

1. Better health
Yoga assists in controlling your heartbeat, easing asthma and aiding sleep. It can assist you to manage your unhealthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Pilates is beneficial as it speeds up recovery from any injuries and it stabilizes the body. Individuals with arthritis can get relief from some of their symptoms through practicing yoga and Pilates.

2. Improve posture
With regular Pilates and yoga, you can easily attain a sculptured body with tighter abs. You may also get increased strength, flexibility and greater endurance. The two exercises complement each other and tone the abdominal muscles and the back as well. This improves an individual’s posture and balance. They may assist athletes to react quicker and jump higher during sports.

3. Enhance sex life
A vital advantage linked to performing both Pilates and yoga workouts is an enhanced sex life. Because yoga offers stress relief, a person feels more open and relaxed during sex. Furthermore, Pilates strengthen the back, pelvic floor and abs that enhance an individual’s sexual response and function.

4. Weight loss
Using Pilates, you will burn many calories and build muscles successfully. This enhances your core balance and strength, while encouraging weight loss and also toning the body. Doing certain yoga poses is said to enhance the body’s metabolism. Increasing fat metabolism ensures quick weight loss without any negative effects.
Since you are actually combining two forms of exercise, the Pilates and yoga workout is very challenging and takes a lot of time.

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