Benefits Of Year Round School

Benefits of Year Round School

The year round school system for educational establishments has been in use for a very long time. It is basically a 10-month routine where students go to their various schools for 9 weeks followed by three weeks of break. Further down are benefits of year round school.

1. Eliminates long holidays

The year round school system is designed to function without lengthy fall or summer breaks like traditional systems. Rather than long holidays, students are only given a period of three weeks to enjoy their holiday.

2. Places more emphasis on studies

Students should be capable of getting the most out of their daily studies. When education establishments follow an agricultural kind of calendar, students do not maximize on their studying time. Most of the problems that are associated with non-year round institutions are minimized or eliminated through having all the students attending school all through the year.

3. Academic benefits

Experts in the field of education believe that students are greatly benefited with regards to academics because of the short break periods. This is because there is no need of re-learning old material that might have been forgotten after long holidays. Teachers can also get more work done in the year round system, thereby increasing their efficiency.

4. Financial benefits

Year round school system encourages a significant reduction in costs of child care. This is a great benefit to most parents, especially during the current tough economic climate. A major complaint concerning non-year round institutions is supervision of children throughout the summer period. Parents are forced to locate adequate childcare during this period, which can be very costly. However, this requirement is eliminated in year round schools and thus saves parents lots of money.

Nevertheless, upkeep of school buildings can be very inconvenient to undertake since students are in school throughout the year.

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  1. I found this article very helpful and the information it provided to me sounds like a great idea. To have better educated kids would maybe help society become a better place. Plus would keep kids off the streets and help parents manage there careers better instead of having to work more then one job and never having time with their kids . Child care expenses are extremely over priced, so having them in school would save parents a lot of money and be able to actually be able to spend the time with their loved ones.


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