Benefits Of Yahoo Plus

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Benefits of Yahoo Plus

Yahoo Mail Plus is a new service by which registered users of Yahoo Mail can pay for additional storage in their mailbox, POP access, email forwarding and various other features. This simple upgrade is only worth $20 per year and it is bound to enhance your email experience. Discover benefits of Yahoo Plus by reading on.

1. No ads
Yahoo Plus hides or removes the ads, making it much faster in contrast with the standard Yahoo Mail. This is because no bandwidth or time are spent ensuring that the ads successfully load. Furthermore, Yahoo Plus dedicates the whole screen to only your emails as well as other related functionality as no space will be taken up by ads. Furthermore, not having advertisements to sidetrack you means you will stay even more concentrated. This reduces time spent checking emails.

2. No expiration date
Yahoo Mail normally closes any unused accounts after approximately 4 months. However, an email address that subscribes to Yahoo Plus is never going to be closed. This means using the upgraded Yahoo Plus will protect your company name or last name from being utilized by another person.

3. Offline access
Provided you have a good internet connection, you can access your Yahoo emails anywhere. Nevertheless, through upgrading to Yahoo Plus you have the chance to not only access your emails anywhere, but also from any email program. It principally offers an additional convenience.

4. Filter mails
Yahoo mail enables users to create their own mail filters for automatically sorting emails inside a specific folder, depending on the defined criteria. Unlike the standard Yahoo mail that has only 100 filters, the new Yahoo Plus offers approximately 200 email rules or mail filters.
The only drawback of Yahoo Plus is that it demands a fee for subscription. This is therefore not the most suitable option for people who do not use their emails often.

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