Benefits of Xenotransplants

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Xenotransplants are essentially the tissues, organs or cells that are transplanted from a certain species to the next. Most xenotransplants are obtained from pigs because they can then be modified genetically so as to fit human bodies. This is essentially because pigs have a similar anatomical makeup to humans. The use of xenotransplants is still surrounded by controversy but its goal is to be beneficial in treatment of kidney and heart problems.

1. Available in large numbers.

There is a rising need for healthy kidneys and also other vital organs for transplantation. Other alternatives to the conventional organ transplant such as stem cell therapies or implantable devices have all been considered. However, the most practical choice is through using xenotransplants. These animal parts are accessible in huge numbers and they would completely remove the current shortage of transplantation organs.

2. Save lives

Currently, there is a very large waiting list for organs for transplants. In fact, over half a million people are believed to be waiting for these vital organs. Those on this waiting list generally range from small children to adults. The use of xenotransplants may aid in saving millions of patients all over the globe. Their large numbers and high effectiveness may provide this important benefit.

3. Versatility

Xenotransplants can several various purposes inside the body. Medical specialists have established that they have the capability of transplanting over more than 50 organs and tissues into a person from another organ donor. As such, xenotransplants can sever numerous purposes, from not only saving the patient’s life, but also increasing quality of life.

4. Prevents organ failure

Based on new research done on xenotransplants, new approaches to diagnosis and imaging may assist in preventing organ failure. Furthermore, focus on regeneration and also the creation of innovative technologies will assist to remove the key reasons contributing to organ failure.

Regardless of these supposed benefits, xenotransplants pose health risk because they are believed to introduce more infectious agents inside the patient’s body.

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