Benefits Of Xbox 360

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Benefits of Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 console has truly revolutionized gaming with millions of fans all across the globe. The console’s popularity competes with Nintendo’s Wii and PlayStation. The XBOX 360 console was unveiled officially on 2005 by Microsoft, with detailed game features. Here are a few points to consider if you are considering buying an XBOX 360.

1. Superior hard drive

For starters, the Xbox game console boasts a superior hard drive that is certainly larger as compared to that of PlayStation 3. Don’t you agree that 120GB of disc space is amazing? This provides endless possibilities incase you want to back up your games and music. In other words, you can save your games to different gamer profiles.

2. Wireless controllers

Microsoft recently announced the launch of Xbox 360 gaming console for Splinter cell. The gaming console features a large capacity hard drive of 250 GB, two wireless controllers and an A/V cable. This unit has been branded as a special gaming product and includes a headset and wireless controllers.

3. Affordable

When compared to Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 is fairly cheaper. Moreover, it has become increasingly popular due to its extensive Game Library. Most developers attest that the concept used to develop Xbox 360 is more sophisticated and is popularly used to develop multiplatform games.

4. Gold membership

With Xbox live, you get to enjoy unlimited entertainment. This will enable you to interact with other gaming enthusiasts. With that said, go for online Gold Membership for special discounts, online play and more games.

5. Download games

Xbox live also allows you to download games online and extra content to spice your TV shows, movies and games, and entertainment as well.

The Xbox 360 also has its share of disadvantages as well. For starters, you can not use the wireless controllers without a Wi-Fi adapter.

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