Benefits Of X-Rays

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Benefits of X-Rays

There are countless benefits of X-rays, particularly in regards to diagnosis linked to joints and bones. Although there is fear of adverse effects associated with X-rays due to emission of radiation, experience has certainly proved that X-rays are beneficial provided they are used with caution.

1. Easy to diagnose diseases

X-rays are widely used to diagnose joint and bone related problems. Moreover, they are used in dental care. It helps dentists to quickly diagnose breaks or fractures in bones, infections in joints and bones, periodontal diseases, developmental abnormalities, cysts or abscesses, as well as tooth decay just to mention but a few.

2. Availability

X-rays are inexpensive and available in almost all major emergency rooms, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and so forth making, it available for both doctors and patients. It is also accessible in operation theatres, emergency wards, and portable care units.

3. Efficient in emergency diagnosis

X-ray is a simple process that is extremely helpful during emergency diagnosis. It enables doctors to quickly determine what a patient is suffering from, thus it is the best method to diagnose diseases without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures.

4. Affordable

X-rays are somehow inexpensive, for instance when compared to CT or MRI scan. However, certain details or information are limited when using X-rays. Nonetheless, X-rays provide the information and details required for diagnosis and hence are widely used to determine the best course of treatment, making it suitable for joint and bone problems.

5. No adverse side effects

Experience has certainly proved that there are no adverse side effects associated with X-rays. Nonetheless, necessary caution is observed to ensure that radiation remains at minimum levels. With advancement in technology, X-ray equipment is made in such a way that it limits scattered radiation or straying.

Radiation that is emitted from X-ray machines can lead to cell mutations, resulting in increased risk of cancer. However, the exposure is minimal but necessary precautions should be taken at all times.

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