Benefits Of WW2

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Benefits of WW2

Many people are familiar with the infamous World War 2, which almost lasted for six years and lead to loss of many lives, as well as property in different parts throughout the world. Let’s discuss some of the positive impacts of World War 2, and how it directly affected the world as a whole. Aside from the gruesome effects of the war on various nations worldwide, the war ended dictatorship, particularly in Europe.

1. Led to peace

The war led to the founding of a renowned international body, the United Nations which strives to promote security and peace in the entire world. The treaty, signed in 1947, allowed countries like Finland, Bulgaria and Italy to remain as independent states.

2. Territorial expansion

The Soviet Union was the main beneficiary in regards to territorial expansion after World War 2, as it seized parts of Poland, Finland, Germany, and Japan to its boundaries. Germany, on the other hand was greatly affected by the war, because it was annexed by four nations, including Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States and France.

3. Job opportunities

Aside from the negative effects this war had on various nations, it also had some positive impacts but they would not in any way match loss of lives and misery created by the war. World War 2 created numerous jobs, which solved the problem of unemployment. However, industries that manufactured warfare materials flourished at the expensed of others.

4. Led to growth in economy

The war was instigated by various issues but dictatorship in Europe was the predominant cause. There were numerous positive impacts of the war. For instance, it led to the growth of the economy as a result of production of warfare materials. Also, segregation was ended as well dictatorship, giving many countries a chance to remain sovereign.

The war almost brought European economy to a standstill. Aside from that, it led to the loss of thousands of lives.

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